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Dental treatment available with oral or intravenous sedation.

Of the one in five people who are estimated to harbor a fear of dentists, most do so out of concern their experience will be a painful one. Not Sharon Head. Her longstanding fear of dentists stems from an even less common anxiety disorder: claustrophobia.

For as long as she can remember, the act of a dentist hovering over her and pulling his work lamp down near her face has triggered a sense of confinement and dread so great that she would do almost anything to wriggle out of it.

“I think it started when I was a child and..."

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The best choice for replacing one or more missing teeth.

Looking for the improved schooling and increased opportunities that would allow him to live a better life, Errol Marshall moved from his native Jamaica to New York City in 1964. It was the first leg on what became a trip around the world.

“I really wanted to continue traveling after coming to the United States, and a friend told me I would get to travel a lot if I joined the Air Force, so I did,” Errol remembers. “That was in 1967. I wound up staying in the Air Force until 1971, and yes, I did get to travel.

Following his discharge from the Air Force, Errol traveled back to New York, where another friend introduced him to...

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Time-saving techniques speed up process for healthy, new smile.

Retired New York City school teacher Frank Plastini is not opposed to going the extra mile for good dental care. Not as long as he’s got someone to go the extra mile with him and can save a few bucks in the process.“My wife and I were both school teachers, but the only dentist we could find that would accept our United Federation of Teachers Welfare Fund insurance was way down in West Palm Beach,” the Palm Coast resident relates. “So for years, that’s where we went.

“It wasn’t that big of a deal as long as my wife was alive because we would make the trip together. But after my wife died last year, I really didn’t want to make that drive all by myself. So, I started looking for a new dentist closer to home.”

Acting on a recommendation from his daughter, Frank chose...

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Implants: A Solution to a Longstanding Dental Problem

When Marcie Bacon finally decided to do something about the space between her two upper front teeth a few years ago, she learned rather quickly how a bothersome dental situation can sometimes go from bad to worse.

“All I wanted to do was correct that space, and another dentist I went to see at the time – not my regular dentist – offered a bridge option as a solution,” Marcie explains. “That was fine, but what I didn’t realize at first was that I was going to have to lose teeth for that.

“That was the first problem. The second problem was that once I got the bridge, it only lasted about five years. That eventually put me right back where....

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Securely In Place 

Insook Emmett says it was embarrassing when her upper denture wouldn’t stay in place. “I would be in a conversation, and I could feel it starting to come loose,” Insook reveals. “I never wanted to smile because I was afraid the denture would fall out.”

Insook also had a lower denture that fit so poorly that she rarely put it in.

“The bottom denture caused me so much pain,” Insook recalls. “I couldn’t stand to have it in, which also contributed to me not being able to eat anything hard or chewy, like ribs or steak...

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Expert Care in Any Situation

A longtime tooth grinder and clencher, Rebecca Rockholt learned first-hand what that nighttime habit can do to your teeth.

“I had a feeling I was a grinder, but my dentist at that time never told me I was,” Rebecca recalls. “Eventually, I determined that I must be a grinder because I damaged a...."

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Crown, Implant restorations completed in a single visit.

New England native Ronald Brown is 76 years old, but this spry sort says with pride that he neither feels nor acts his age...

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