5 Care Tips for Your Dental Implant

5 Care Tips for Your Dental Implant

Jul 01, 2022

After losing your natural teeth, you deliberate with family members and friends on whether you must seek replacements for the teeth you lost. Finally, you convince yourself only after discussing with the dentist near you that replacing the missing teeth is better than having gaps between your teeth.

The dentist nearby might also recommend dental implants in palm coast as optimal solutions for replacing missing teeth. The professional might convince you about having dental implants by making various statements stating dental implants do not require much attention and are invulnerable to the problem of tooth decay. The freedom from dental issues and the insignificant attention needed by dental implants can encourage you to proceed with getting them as soon as possible.

Whether dental implants require minimal attention or are invulnerable to tooth decay, it doesn’t take away from you the requirement of caring for them appropriately to ensure you have them in your mouth for your life. Dental implants are undoubtedly the best solutions for replacing missing teeth. They also restore all the abilities you lost with your natural teeth. However, they remain in your mouth as substitutes for your missing teeth and require equal attention to maintain them appropriately. After undergoing an intensive procedure and spending months to heal, would you like to have other missing teeth in your mouth again? If not, we suggest you follow the care tips provided in this article to secure your dental implants.

5 Dental Implant Care Tips

Brush all Teeth Thoroughly Twice a Day

Dental implants provide artificial teeth customized from porcelain as replacements for your natural teeth. The artificial tooth isn’t susceptible to decay or infection but remains prone to problems like discoloration if you frequently have pigmented foods and beverages. Therefore whether you consider the artificial teeth natural or not, you must ensure you brush all your teeth thoroughly twice a day with fluoride toothpaste without exceptions. The brushing while keeping your dental health optimal also helps remove discoloration on the teeth from foods and beverages.

Floss At Least Once a Day

The dentist in palm coast recommends flossing your teeth at least once a day regardless of when you do it. When you get dental implants to replace your natural teeth flossing gains even more importance because dental plaque accumulating around your natural and implanted teeth can cause gum disease, a leading cause of implant failure. Therefore you must ensure you floss your teeth without fail at least once a day as recommended by the dentist.

Avoid Eating Any Hard or Sticky Foods

When getting dental implants, you might receive information from a dental office in palm coast that your replacement teeth will allow you to eat the foods you love whenever you feel like it. However, you help yourself by avoiding sticky or hard foods that will likely damage the porcelain dental crown mounted on the dental implant. Information that dental implants remain in your mouth for a lifetime might encourage you to chomp into complex foods that might damage the tooth on the implant. However, you must understand dental implants comprise three parts, and the portion embedded in your jawbone is the one that remains with you because it integrates with your body. The dental crown and the abutment can break or loosen to need replacements if improperly cared for.

Avoid Smoking or Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Another culprit for implant failure is smoking, and the dentist in 32164 clarifies it before providing dental implants. Please do not think that after getting the restorations, you can begin smoking because the chemicals from tobacco have the potential to cause implant failure. Similarly, alcohol is also harmful to your overall health besides the implants. You can have a drink occasionally in moderation but must ensure you don’t indulge in alcohol excessively for fear of damaging your implants.

Make Regular Dental Appointments

That you have artificial teeth in your mouth doesn’t take away the need to schedule six-monthly dental appointments with Dr. Trejos for exams and cleanings. You might not develop issues like tooth decay or cavities but remain susceptible to gum disease that is better prevented than treated. Making regular appointments with the dentist for checkups and cleanings helps prevent unnecessary infections that might affect any natural and implanted teeth to safeguard your dental health.

Palm Coast Family Dentistry provides dental implants after evaluating your physical and oral health if you want replacements for missing teeth. The practice also provides dental care tips to maintain your dental implants appropriately, making them last for a lifetime.

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