Mar 01, 2022

Dental extraction or tooth extraction is a dental treatment that involves the complete removal or extraction of a tooth or teeth that has gotten infected or damaged. The extracted tooth is often removed from its socket, leaving the space empty or otherwise.

Why Do People Need Dental Extractions?

Dental extractions are necessary for various reasons. People can get dental extractions for a decayed or infected tooth. If the infection persists after the dentist has tried to get rid of the condition with other methods, the patient would require dental extraction to prevent the disease from spreading to other healthy teeth. In a way, we can think of dental extractions as a last resort for an infected tooth.

Dental extractions can also work to remove chipped teeth. If a person’s tooth is severely chipped or cracked, they might want to remove the whole tooth by getting a tooth extraction. People with wisdom teeth can also get tooth extraction in Palm Coast, FL. Wisdom teeth are a forceful tooth eruption, especially when there is not enough room for it. In such cases, the dentist might extract the tooth near the wisdom tooth to create more space to erupt appropriately or remove the wisdom tooth.

Dental extractions can also create space for orthodontic treatment, i.e., braces. The dentist might extract one or a few teeth to make room for the braces to fit correctly and work effectively. The procedure suits orthodontic patients who do not have enough space inside their mouths for orthodontic devices.

Here are the things that you need to know about tooth extraction:

Sometimes, Extraction Is The Only Option

Before most dentists recommend tooth extraction, they often check the possibility of other treatments. In some cases, tooth extraction is the right option available.
Extraction is required chiefly to create space for orthodontic treatments, and one cannot evade this cause it is the best option for the orthodontic patient. Also, tooth extractions are the best option for people with severe tooth infections, advanced periodontitis, and some other tooth anomalies.

Extractions Can Be Simple Or A Little More Complicated

Depending on the situation, the patient might undergo a simple or little complicated extraction. Patients who have developed damages on visible parts of their tooth can get a simple extraction since the dentist can easily access the damaged part. However, if there are tooth fragments from a broken tooth beneath the gum line or wisdom tooth that is not fully erupted, the patient would need to get a surgical extraction.

Expect Some Common Protocols Before The Procedure

Before your dentist can approve or recommend a dental extraction, you must go through some necessary protocols. For instance, our dentist at 32164 would have to examine your teeth to check the level of damage or the presence of other dental issues. Also, you would have to provide information on your medical history to allow the dentist to follow safety precautions if needed. You would also need to make provisions for after the procedure.

You’ll Get Anesthesia For The Procedure.

Regardless of what type of extraction you are getting, the dentist would administer a local anesthetic to numb the pain. In situations where the dental patient requires a surgical extraction, a general anesthetic is more suitable.

After anesthesia, the dentist would begin the extraction by undoing the tooth and using some dental tools to make an incision on the gums to allow the tooth extract easily. Once the tooth is gone, the dentist will clean the area and stitch up the gums.

Adhere To Aftercare Instructions Given To You By Your Dentist

Even if the tooth extraction procedure is successful, poor after-care can jeopardize the treatment and trigger other issues. You can also speed up your recovery period and prevent other teeth problems by practicing good dental care.

You May Choose To Replace The Extracted Tooth

As earlier stated, tooth extraction isn’t the end. You can always speak to Dr. Trejos about dental treatments appropriate for you. For instance, you can get a dental implant at the dental office in Palm Coast to replace the extracted tooth. Dental implants are permanent solutions to teeth loss and can perform the duties of a natural tooth.

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