Mar 01, 2021

Dental Implants with Dentists in Sugar Land

Individuals get to see improvements in their daily lifestyle when they discover the importance of dental implants in daily life activities. What’s a dental implant? They are like titanium posts that represent the roots of your natural set of teeth. Once inserted into your jawbone, they tend to stabilize a lot of features in your teeth. Features like; the crown, the bridge, higher-end restorations, and lots more.

Dental implants serve as life changers, people who unfortunately lost their teeth get to regain the ability to chew anything because these implants can carry out activities just like natural teeth. To get a perfect dental implant, you need to visit qualified dentists. These kinds of dentists can be found in sugar land. Over the years, sugar land dental groups have recorded thousands of successful dental implant operations; this is one of the reasons why you can count on them. Let’s take a walk through what their dental implant procedure entails.

Dental Implant Surgical Procedure

Surgical procedures vary with patients. Some patients require just one surgical procedure while some require two. The latter is very common and here is what it entails; first and foremost is the insertion of the dental implants into the jaw bone. After insertion, the set of teeth is left for about six months or less depending on how long it takes for the implants to bond with the jawbone firmly.

During this waiting period, you might not be able to eat using the implants so dentists at Sugar land make provisions for temporary dentures that will enable you to eat although these dentures are only for soft diets. After the implants must have bonded firmly with the jawbone, the dentist proceeds to the next stage. You recall that temporary dentures were fixed; these dentures will be removed to expose the implants. When this happens, anchors will be needed for the artificial teeth; small posts will then be attached to the implants to serve as anchors. If these posts are not properly placed, they tend to protrude through the gum even after the artificial teeth have been placed.

However, this isn’t the case if the posts are properly placed. The dental procedure usually takes about six to eight months depending on how effective the dentist and his equipment are. Patients are bound to experience a slight change in their lifestyle during this period.

How about the single-stage procedure? This procedure requires a very good dentist and advanced dental technology. Dental implants sugar land TX is capable of carrying out this procedure. The single-stage procedure doesn’t need the dentals to be uncovered; they only need a longer period to attain firmness (jawbone and implant firmness), about three months. A process known as “immediate loading” is also a type of the single-stage procedure. It involves the removal of the tooth and replacement with the artificial tooth at the same instance. It’s all about dental implantation at one visit.

Additional Dental Implant Services at Sugar Land

Dentists at Sugar land value their patients well enough and that explains why they provide them with these extra services;

  • Special care for dental implants

Dentists at Sugar land always make their patients understand that they can have their implants serve them for a long period of time if they keep them healthy. Patients are sometimes provided with special toothpaste and mouthwash to enable them to keep up with healthy tooth living. They are also given appointments for regular implants checkup.

  • Anesthesia

Special anesthesia is used for patients to relieve them of any form of pain that might surface during the surgery.

  • Oral examination before surgery

Dental offices near palm coast, FL also make sure every patient’s mouth is thoroughly examined. Due to bad dental history, some individuals can’t have dental implants without bone grafting first. Proceeding to surgery without checking the dental history is lethal.


Dental implants are a way to improve your life. Losing several teeth can be very detrimental to mental health and self-confidence, and even physical appearance. Dental implant with dentists in palm coast is a doorway to peace of mind and improved self-confidence.

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