How Dental Implants Raise Your Confidence and Enhance Your Smile?

How Dental Implants Raise Your Confidence and Enhance Your Smile?

Jan 01, 2022

When you lose your natural teeth and look at yourself in the mirror, you notice a smile that makes you unhappy. In addition, it has an adverse impact on your self-confidence. You may consider replacement solutions but may have apprehensions about which solution is best suited for your needs. Unfortunately, your smile or self-confidence will not improve by itself unless you discuss your situation with Palm Coast Family Dentistry providing an excellent solution to replace your missing teeth and improve your confidence.


The dentist in palm coast aims to help you have a beautiful and healthy smile providing dental implants excellent solutions to boost your self-confidence and improve your smile. When you accept the dentist’s proposal to have missing teeth replaced with dental implants, you select an option that changes your situation by providing natural-looking artificial teeth with dental implants.


What Is a Dental Implant?


A dental implant is a biocompatible titanium screw embedded into your jawbone via surgery to function as a replacement for your natural missing tooth root. The dentist near you places dental implants in one appointment at the dentist’s office to provide the replacement teeth you desire. You can even have an artificial tooth over the implant immediately after the surgical procedure. However, you must realize the embedded titanium post must integrate with your jawbone to provide the stability the artificial tooth needs to function appropriately.


Alternatively, you can wait for the integration process of the implant called osseointegration, requiring several months before you can eventually have a customized porcelain crown placed over the dental implant. Dentist 32164 provides both solutions but recommends that you wait for osseointegration to complete for better stability to your artificial tooth.


How Can Dental Implants Help Improve Your Self-Confidence?


When you have one or several missing teeth in your mouth, they create blank spaces between your teeth, making it challenging for you to smile or socialize. Loss of teeth also impacts you adversely, making it challenging for you to speak and have the foods you love. In addition, your jawbone begins deteriorating to make you appear older, and also you become prone to dental infections that require frequent treatments from dentists. Finally, your self-confidence undoubtedly takes a beating because of the adverse impacts of tooth loss.


If you decide to have dental implants near you from the palm coast dentist, you choose a gold standard replacement solution for replacing natural teeth. However, information about the surgical procedure can seem intimidating until you realize how easy and comfortable the process of getting dental implants is.


Dental implants require surgery in your mouth to embed them into your jawbone. However, Dr. Trejos completes the surgery in a single sitting, providing you adequate anesthesia to ensure you don’t experience any pain during the surgical procedure. On the day of your dental implant surgery, you receive the anesthesia, and the dentist starts the process soon after your mouth is numb. The titanium implant is embedded deep into your jawbone after drilling holes and left in place to integrate with your jawbone.


If you want an instant boost to your self-confidence and smile, the dentist attaches an abutment to the implant immediately and provides you with a temporary tooth to close the gap in your smile. At the end of the surgical procedure, you can return home, showing off your natural-looking artificial tooth smiling at everyone around you. However, you must care for the tooth appropriately as the implant needs time to integrate with your body.


Caring for Dental Implants


Caring for dental implants is a breeze, merely requiring excellent dental hygiene practices. Implants allow you to brush and floss as you did with your natural teeth, with a hidden bonus in that they are not susceptible to tooth decay.


The artificial tooth in your mouth boosts your self-confidence instantly after getting dental implants placed. You may want to enjoy your favorite foods right away. Still, you must refrain from chewing with the implanted tooth until it is replaced with a permanent restoration after healing entirely from the surgical procedure. You may have to wait for a few months for the healing to complete before you revisit the palm coast dentist to have a custom-designed porcelain crown over your dental implant.


The custom-created porcelain crown explicitly for your mouth provides you with an artificial replacement tooth looking and functioning naturally. The dental implant and the customized porcelain crown allow you to lead a life like you usually did, smiling confidently at everyone without trying to hide the gaps in your mouth. With appropriate dental hygiene practices and regular visits to the dentist for checkups, you can have the dental implants in your mouth for a lifetime without needing replacements like other tooth replacement solutions. Rest assured your confidence and smile also remain with you when you get dental implants to replace your missing teeth.

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