Myths About Dental Implants You Should Be Aware

Myths About Dental Implants You Should Be Aware

Sep 01, 2020

If you’re self-conscious about your tooth loss or otheroral issues, consider dental implants. They have become a favored option for tooth replacement. It is because they offer a conservative strategy and predictable outcome that it offers with success rates 98%.

The dental professional makes sure that the crown placed on the implant is that of the same color as the remaining teeth. But the majority of people also have a lot of misconceptions about the procedure. Therefore, it’s best to clear that.

Myths About Implants

Myth #1: They Do Not Look Natural

Reality: The majority of patients opt for implants due to aesthetic reasons. Implants are mainly built to look and feel natural. After the healing process ends, patients will feel like their original teeth.

No one will be able to detect that you have an implant because they are hidden below the gum. The dental expert matches the shape and color of your original teeth to create a customized porcelain implant. The only way to identify a dental implant is by using a radiograph. It will show the metal that replaced the tooth root.

Myth #2: They Are Costly

Reality: Dental implants are the most permanent solution forlost tooth replacement than dentures and bridges. They also cost you less in the long term. It is because bridges require repeated treatments from time to time which results in high cost.

The actual cost for a dental implant can differ depending on thelocation and experience of the dental professional. The price of replacing one lost tooth is about $3,000 – $4,500.

Myth #3: They Are Painful and Invasive

Reality:Dental implant treatment needs oral surgery. But today,modern technology, tools, and procedures have made it a minimally invasive surgery. Moreover, implant surgery is done under local anesthesia to prevent pain. The skilled oral surgeon will typically tale one hour to place the implant.

The majority of patients reported that implants involve minimal pain. Moreover, patients face some discomfort during the healing process. But it’s a matter of concern as it will subside automatically within the first few weeks following the surgery.

Myth #4: They Are for Seniors

Reality: The majority of patients believe that seniors are good candidates for implants. But in reality, there is no right age for dental implants. It is because tooth loss can occur at any age. Implants are a long-term solution for tooth loss. Request an appointment from Dr.Trejos in case of any doubt.

Myth #5: There is a High Maintenance

Reality: Implants can develop many issues without consistent everyday care. The earliest sign starts with the bleeding. That is why professional implant maintenance plays an essential role in deciding the long-term success of osseointegrated implants.

Good oral hygiene on the part of the patient is compulsory. Patients can care for implants like that of their original teeth. It includes flossing and brushing every day. This will ensure the longevity of installed implants.

Oral hygiene also means going to the dental expert for professional cleanings, regular check-ups, and oral examinations. Moreover, no special precautions are required. So you can still eat what you want. Remember, implants need much less special care unlike dentures and dental bridges.

Myth #6: Implants Take a Long Time to Heal

Reality: The healing process for implants does not take long. The titanium used to create the implant takes some time to fuse with the jawbone and gums of the patient. This will often take three to six months. The majority of patients will recover in a few days.

Usually, the total recovery time differs from one patient to another. After the healing process is over, patients can return to their daily life almost instantly. Today, you can even get fixed implant restoration within 24 hours.

Myth #7: You May Require Bone Grafting Before the Surgery

Reality:  Yes, that is absolutely true. If the jawbone of the patient is not enough, dental experts at Palm Coast FamilyDentistry may carry out a bone grafting to ensure successful implantation.

There are plenty of bone graft materials that the expert uses to rebuild a jawbone. It includes bones from the patient’s body to synthetic ones. It typically offers support for new bone growth.

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