Routine Dental Exams and Cleanings: What Are They?

Routine Dental Exams and Cleanings: What Are They?

Aug 02, 2021

The American Dental Association recommends six-monthly appointments with your dentist for everyone to prevent oral health problems or detect them early. Identifying oral health problems in the initial stages makes treating them more comfortable. Therefore you must incorporate visits to the dentist in Palm Coast every six months or as recommended by the dentist into your schedule.

Six monthly dental visits are recommended for most patients. During a typical exam, you get to see both the dentist and dental hygienist. The dentist examines your mouth while the hygienist cleans and polishes your teeth to give you a brighter smile and answer any questions you have about your oral health.

At the same time, the dentist reviews the cleaning performed by the hygienist conducting an oral exam of your teeth and gums, diagnoses any oral health problems, orders x-rays if required, and recommends treatments. Routine dental exams are essential not merely for cleaning your teeth but detect issues in your mouth early.

Why Exams at Six Monthly Intervals?

Six monthly appointments are optimal for your oral health because it allows the dentist near you to identify problems you think are normal. You let your dentist detect any signs of decay which remains invisible and doesn’t even cause any pain until it progresses to a severe condition. The visits also help the dentist to treat any other oral health problems in your mouth. Generally, the earlier a problem is detected, the faster the treatment outcome.

Do People Need More Frequent or Fewer Appointments?

Six monthly appointments are appropriate for most people. However, many people may need more frequent meetings with the palm Coast dentist if they are affected by gum disease and have a weakened immune system hampering the body’s ability to combat infections and diseases.

People with advanced gum disease are often candidates for dental implants in Palm Coast because they are often victims of tooth loss and need assistance from a dental professional to replace missing teeth.

If you take excellent care of your teeth and gums and don’t have a history of dental problems, you might not need to see the dentist every six months but can maintain your oral and overall health with one visit to the dentist every year.

What if You Are Visiting a New Dentist?

The new dentist you visit will want your entire medical and dental history to ensure they can notice changes or problems in your mouth early during future visits. Dentists discuss the medications you are taking any medical conditions you are diagnosed with to understand your medical history. You must provide all information to the dentist without restricting yourself to oral issues. Many states like diabetes can increase your risk of gum disease, and a different approach to some treatments or prevention may become necessary.

If you suspect you have cavities or abnormal lumps in your mouth, discuss the matter with the dentist because you help them diagnose the condition early. Do not hesitate to discuss any dental fears you have with the dentist because they can adjust your treatments to help you overcome dental anxiety.

What Happens during Routine Exams and Cleanings?

During the routine checkup in Palm Coast, you undergo comprehensive dental exams examining your mouth not only for tooth decay and gum disease but also for severe issues like oral cancer. The dentist will check the hard and soft tissues of your mouth, examine your teeth clinically with instruments called explorers, and checks for any problems with restorations like fillings, bridges, dentures, or crowns.

After the comprehensive exam, the dental hygienist takes over from the dentist to clean your teeth and provide preventive treatments suitable for you. Plaque and tartar removal are the primary aims of dental hygienists. However, if you have excessive plaque buildup that has hardened into tartar, you require a deep cleaning because the deposits are the leading causes of gum disease.

After your teeth are entirely clean and free from any harmful deposits, they are polished by the hygienist using abrasive substances and fluoride. Finally, you receive a topical fluoride treatment to strengthen your enamel and battle against cavities for several months.

Getting six-monthly dental exams and cleanings is essential to protect not only your oral health but also your overall health. Allowing a condition like gum disease to fester in your mouth exposes you to several health complications because the bacteria in your mouth enters the bloodstream to cause unnecessary problems. Visiting your dentist every six months allows you to detect any issues early and obtain treatments for the conditions before they deteriorate.

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