Three Types of Dental Implants (Which One Best Suits Your Needs?)

Three Types of Dental Implants (Which One Best Suits Your Needs?)

Feb 01, 2023

Do you miss one or several teeth? Do you desire to have a permanent replacement solution for your missing teeth? If so, you are visiting a website that best suits your needs.

In this article, our restorative dentist Dr. Trejos outlines the three different types of dental implants that help restore your smile. Before we proceed, let us provide a brief background on dental implants.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are tiny titanium screws surgically embedded in your jawbone under the gumline. The titanium post fuses with your jawbone to create a stable foundation for tooth restoration.

The implanted titanium post functions as a replacement for your missing tooth roots. The implant integrates with your jawbone like your tooth root and provides the stimulation your jawbone needs to preserve bone structure. The restoration is mounted atop the dental implant. Generally, one dental crown replaces one tooth. However, dental implants also support several missing teeth bridges and secure dentures.

Dental implants last a lifetime, with proper care having a success rate of almost 98 percent. The stability and security of dental implants, besides their many benefits, provide it the recognition of being the #1 suggestion to replace missing teeth permanently. However, can you determine which dental implant best suits your needs? If you don’t, we suggest you check out the three different kinds of dental implants mentioned below and discover the benefits and downsides of each.

Three Different Types of Dental Implants

Replacing a Single Tooth: Use a Single Dental Implant

In most cases, dental implants help replace a single missing tooth. The process requires one titanium post and one dental crown.

What Is the Dental Implant Process?

Here is what you can expect when you discuss dental implants near you to replace your missing teeth:

You will meet with the dentist in palm coast to determine your candidacy for implant placement. If you are eligible, the dentist creates a customized treatment plan.

The dentist places the titanium post in your jawbone using state-of-the-art technology. You will not experience discomfort during the surgical process because the dentist ensures you are comfortable. The healing time of the titanium post to integrate with your jawbone is generally three to six months. After you have recovered, your new custom-created dental crown is connected to the titanium post with an abutment. The dental crown will appear and feel similar to the surrounding teeth.

Single dental implants replace your missing tooth from its roots to the crown, unlike other restorations sitting on your gums. Therefore, a single-tooth implant best suits your needs, whether you miss a single tooth or multiple not neighboring each other. However, if you have multiple missing teeth neighboring each other single tooth implants are not your best option. In addition, the next option described may help you save money if you must replace multiple missing teeth.

Replacing Several Teeth: Use and Implant Supported Bridge

If you have multiple missing teeth neighboring each other dental implants in palm coast, suggest getting an implant-supported Bridge is best for your needs.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

Generally, dental bridges consist of two crowns on either side of your edentulous tooth gap, with a fake tooth held by the crowns between them. However, with implant-supported bridges, the crowns are held by the implants instead of your natural teeth. The procedure for implant-supported bridges is similar to getting a single-tooth implant. However, you don’t need an implant for the missing tooth. Implant-supported bridges are beneficial because they help secure multiple missing teeth in a row reducing the cost of the treatment of replacing each tooth. However, as the missing tooth gap doesn’t receive an implant you are at risk of jawbone deterioration.

What happens if most of your teeth or all are missing?

Replacing All Your Teeth: Use and Implant Retained Denture

If you miss all your teeth or most of them in the upper or lower arch, you can have an implant retained denture as the best option.

What Is an Implant Retained Denture?

Dentures are the artificial arch of teeth resting on your gums and giving you the appearance of having an entire set of teeth. The issue with traditional dentures is their removable feature indicating they can slip, click, slide, and dislodge, making everyday tasks like eating and speaking uncomfortable. However, if you select implant-retained dentures by discussing your needs with the dental office in palm coast, you can permanently secure the dentures you need with dental implants. The dentists at the practice will strategically place four to six dental implants in your jawbone in the upper or lower arch. As you recover from the process, your existing denture is modified to make it suitable for wear without disrupting your healing. After recovering from the implant surgery, you will receive a custom denture fastening to the dental implants giving you a permanent and secure custom-created denture to suit your face aesthetics.

Am I a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

Although dental implants are excellent restorative solutions for missing teeth, they are unsuitable for everyone. To become eligible for dental implants, you must have adequate jawbone and good oral and general health without conditions like diabetes, gum disease, et cetera, besides being a non-smoker. However, if you want a permanent solution for your missing teeth, Dr. Trejos can customize a treatment plan exclusively for your situation to ensure they restore your mouth with lifelike artificial teeth using dental implants.

Palm Coast Family Dentistry helps restore one of several missing teeth in the mouth using different types of dental implants. If you are in a predicament without teeth in your mouth, kindly consult this practice to restore your missing teeth.

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