Oct 01, 2021

Most patients don’t know the usefulness of some dental procedures and this often confuses them whenever they have to make a preference. This is why you need the help of your dentist. The dentist can recommend and tell you what dental procedure would suit you best. If you want a dental crown or dental bridge, you can always visit a dentist in Palm Coast. At the dentist’s office in Palm Coast, you would be provided with good options and suggestions alongside an effective dental treatment.

Dental crowns are dental bridges are both fixed restorative dental procedures that are used to repair damaged or injured teeth and in some cases, misplaced teeth or teeth. This means that they are both used for teeth restoration. However, they are different in features, types, and uses as well.


A dental crown or cap is used to wrap an injured or damaged tooth. It can be used to replace a missing, cracked, or broken tooth. When a tooth is broken or cracked, it becomes badly shaped. It is the job of the dental crown to reshape the tooth and enhance its appearance. For those who have a missing tooth, a crown can be positioned after the patient has gotten a dental implant. After a dental implant, the crown is placed on the screw that is implanted inside the tooth roots to give it a tooth-shaped look and also allow the tooth to perform its right functions. Dental crowns consist of different types. Patients are allowed to pick their most preferred dental crown. Dental crowns consist of metal(gold or silver), porcelain, ceramic, and acrylic. The porcelain crowns look just like natural teeth in color and shape. However, they are not as strong as the metal or alloy crowns which consist of the gold and silver types. The main drawback about metal crowns is that people don’t often use them for aesthetic reasons due to their noticeable appearance. However, if you want a crown that looks like a natural tooth in color and a strong crown, you can go for the porcelain fused- to- metal crowns. They are made of metal inside but the outer part is made of porcelain.

Dental crowns have their special functions. They can strengthen a tooth that is about to break or is at risk of getting fractured. They can also restore a tooth that is fractured. They can be used to position a dental bridge. This means that they are also useful in helping a dental bridge stay fived or stable on the teeth. Dental caps can also be used after a dental implant has been performed to cover the implanted screw.

They are also known for their protective benefits after a root canal treatment. After a root canal treatment, the teeth might become weak and unable to stand strong on their own. A dental crown can then be used to support the teeth after the root canal treatment has been performed.

Dentists also use dental crowns to cover, badly shaped, discolored, or stained teeth.


Unlike dental crowns, dentists often recommend dental bridges for patients who need more than one tooth restoration. This means that patients who need have too many missing teeth can get dental bridges for full mouth restoration. In other words, the use of dental bridges is for the replacement of one or more teeth. When there is a large space caused by a missing tooth or teeth, the surrounding teeth tend to move into the space created by the missing tooth or teeth. When this happens, the affected person can experience different types of dental issues like crooked teeth, misaligned teeth, biting, and chewing problems. If the missing teeth are not replaced on time, the dental structure might suffer from worse damages. Apart from health damages that a missing tooth or teeth could cause, the affected person can also suffer from low self-esteem due to the awkward appearance that the missing tooth has caused.

According to Dr. Trejos, a dentist at Palm Coast FL, ( “a person’s ability to smile with confidence should not be limited because of dental problems. This is because various restorative dental procedures have been made to give you your best smiles”.

Bridges can be placed after dental implant treatments. Apart from the fact that they fix one or more teeth, they can also form as a bridge between the missing teeth and remaining existing teeth thereby disallowing unnecessary space or large gaps between the teeth.

In dental bridges, an abutment is used to attach the bridges. A false tooth called a pontic is then used to replace the missing tooth and is also connected to the dental crowns which serve as a coat for the abutments.

Do Dental Bridges Have Different Types?

Of course, they do. Like dental crowns, bridges consist of different types. You can visit a dentist near you to ask about your preferences.

Dental crowns and dental bridges both have one similar main goal. They are restorative dental treatments. They restore your teeth structure and enhance your looks especially your dental appearance. You can always crowns & bridges near you, in case you’re wondering how to get them.

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