Why Sedation Dentistry Is Ideal During Your Appointments

Why Sedation Dentistry Is Ideal During Your Appointments

Oct 01, 2020

Numerous dental procedures are invasive and may cause you to have anxiety during your visits to the dentist near you. Sedation dentistry is vital in providing a relaxed and anxiety-free experience for you as you undergo dental treatment. Various options can be used to help you feel comfortable and control pain. Your dentist can evaluate some aspects before determining the ideal type of Sedation for your overall health. If you’ve had a history of allergies and underlying severe health conditions, your dentist may limit you from Sedation. There are various benefits of Sedation, and you can visit our dentist in Palm Coast for an anxiety-free and painless dental appointment.

What’s Dental Sedation?

Dental Sedation refers to the various methods of keeping you relaxed during a dental treatment procedure. Dr. Trejos offers Sedation options that range from techniques that can make you sleep throughout the process to those where you will be awake but cannot remember what happened during the procedure. Dental sedatives help reduce the gag reflex, and your dentist will be able to do his work correctly and faster if you stay calm and composed. Sedation dentistry has fewer complications, making it a useful option for you to have a comfortable dental appointment.

Various types of Sedation

Your specialist examines you by the medical history and health condition and determines the ideal kind of Sedation to use. The methods include:

IV Sedation

There are two forms of this type of Sedation. The first is what’s known as Twilight IV sedation. It makes you feel sleepy, and you may not recall any of the procedure once it is over. However, you are not unconscious, and the dentist can wake you up. The second option is general anesthesia, where you become unconscious. This kind of Sedation needs to be undertaken in a dental facility or a specialized clinic by your dental specialist who administers the sedative and checks on vital signs that may hinder surgery.

Nitrous Oxide

Laughing gas is used to make you feel relaxed during your dental procedures. It’s administered via air passage channels, and you will be conscious all through. Its effects are minor, and you’ll start to feel them instantly. You don’t need another form of Sedation.

Oral Sedation

Oral Sedation involves taking a prescribed dose of sedative before your procedure. You can take one pill the night before, or an hour earlier, as recommended by your specialist. This type of Sedation leaves you awake for the procedure but significantly relaxes you. If you have high anxiety levels, oral Sedation is an ideal option for you. You will be awake throughout the process, but you will recall little about the procedure. The sedative makes you feel dizzy for one day.

Benefits of Sedation

Sedation provides you with multiple benefits, and you need to consult your dental practitioner on the ideal options you can take. Here are some of its uses:

  • Relief’s anxiety during your dental visits. It allows you to undergo treatment procedures comfortably and takes away the fear of dental checkups.
  • It reduces the gag reflex, a condition where your throat needs to expel any intrusive object. Gag reflex can sometimes hinder your dentist from executing the procedure. Sedation paralyzes the gag reflex and allows your dentist to perform any operation, even those that are highly-invasive. It will enable your dentist to work more efficiently and faster since you remain still and without discomfort during the whole procedure.
  • Sedatives and anesthetics relieve pain during your dental procedures. You don’t have to worry about discomfort during your appointments.
  • The time taken to execute your dental treatment procedures is minimized. Your dentist can work with minimal interruptions on you under Sedation. Your specialist takes less time on you, which provides you with flexible schedules for your dental appointments.

Working closely with your dentist can enable you to choose an appropriate option in making your dental visit safe and comfortable. At Palm Coast Family Dentistry, we recommend you to undertake invasive dental procedures under sedation approaches. Placement of dental implants, tooth extraction, and oral surgery can be a painful experience without the use of Sedation to alleviate pain. Please schedule an appointment with us today, and we’ll guide you on the ideal sedation option to use.

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