Exams and Cleanings in Palm Coast

Although most people only visit the dentist when they are experiencing a problem, it is actually ideal to visit regularly. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that every individual see a dentist twice a year to receive comprehensive exams and cleanings.

Exams and cleanings are considered preventive treatment, or procedures meant to stop serious issues from developing. At Palm Coast Family Dentistry, we offer high-quality exams and cleanings to all of our patients in Palm Coast. The goal is to improve and maintain your overall oral health and wellness so you can smile with confidence throughout your life.


During a basic dental exam, you meet with our staff of experienced hygienists and dentists. First, we need to learn relevant information about your health and habits, so we know if you are at risk of any conditions. We can then take x-rays of your jaw and perform a visual and tactile exam to search for signs of decay, gum disease, or dental damage.

During the exam, our dentist can see if you are starting to develop unsatisfactory oral health and hygiene and can recommend treatments and ways to improve overall wellness. It is also a useful tool to determine if you struggle with oral health and explain proper brushing and flossing techniques to improve your health.


A dental cleaning is the most common treatment we offer. During this procedure, our dentist and hygienist remove plaque from your teeth and gums, so they remain healthy and strong.

Cleanings are necessary to eliminate the bacteria that builds up in your mouth over time. When the bacteria are not removed, it can lead to infections, cavities, and permanent dental damage. Although you might brush and floss at home, these habits are not enough to eliminate all of the bacteria hidden in your mouth.

Whether you are a regular visitor or haven’t seen a dentist in years, we will be glad to meet with you. Simply call us today at Palm Coast Family Dentistry and see why we are some of the best exams and cleanings near you.

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